The Woods

by Theomatic

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Gary Campbell "The Woods" is the latest EP from prolific Seattle rapper/producer Theomatic, who at only 16 years old, already has two albums and 10 EPs to his credit. He's closely studying the local rap game--name-dropping neighborhoods, south end pride, Molly Moons and more. This EP has an easy, breezy "Vibin'/Chillen" feel, pretty much what you'd expect with palm trees on the cover. Radio play "Famé's Commercial Break Pt. 2," makes me laugh every time. Favorite track: Famé's Commercial Break Pt. 2.


The Woods is Theomatic's second Album. The Woods is all about finding positivity in difficult times. In spite of all the tears, the pain, and the struggles, Theomatic is still able to capture the beauty of a profound narrative. Necessary or not, no matter where you are there is a struggle nearby.

But ultimately, life is what you make it.

Welcome to The Woods.


released May 13, 2016

Beats produced by Melrose Zee, J1K, L.A Chase, Tygoods, and DKO.

Written by Theomatic

Tracks "Early Morning (Interlude)", "Off the Dome" and "Vibin' / Chillen" produced by J1K.

Tracks "Funky Ride (intro)" and "Immortal" produced by Melrose Zee.

Track "Late" produced by L.A Chase

Background Track in "Famé's Commercial Break Pt. 2" produced by DKO

Tracks "Immortal" and "Vibin' / Chillen" mixed and mastered by Blakk Soul.

Tracks "Early Morning (Interlude)" and "Late" mixed and mastered by Famé Lerber.

Track "Off The Dome" and "The Woods" mixed and mastered by Theomatic.

Album Cover photo taken by Calvin Tran. (Instagram: @calvintrannn)

**Made purely for art and entertainment purposes. THIS ALBUM IS COMPLETELY FREE TO DOWNLOAD, and is for non-profit use. **

The Woods — Vol. 2 of the OG lyric journals
©2016 | Theomatic



all rights reserved


Theomatic Seattle, Washington

Theomatic is a 17 year old Filipino rapper, beat maker, and poet based in South Seattle, Washington. He has over 37 thousand plays on SoundCloud, and has released 3 albums and 11 EP's.

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Track Name: Immortal
(Verse 1)

Yo, and we vibin to the beat.
Vibin to the song, vibing to the weed.
God damn Theomatic this new shit is hella dope,
I stay hella fresh man you already know,
Light skin girl, half black, yea we go together,
Can do this rap shit everyday i might just live forever,
Niggas always frontin in this game but what for tho?
Got this song on repeat like it was immortal.
Im immortal, my legacy gon' never die.
Homies in the hotbox, smokin gettin hella high.
Barbeque at the park, homies sippin crown,
Sun is out now everybody getting brown.
My Life is a movie fucking shit is cinematic,
Driving to the theater and we bumpin Theomatic.
Earl gray ice cream got that shit from molly moons.
Verse finna end, but ima come back soon.


Spitting bars Theomatic hella cool,
Back of the class i crack jokes like a fool,
Came in the game dropping bars shaking dead weight,
Stacking up my paper till all my fam straight
Spitting bars Theomatic hella cool,
Back of the class i crack jokes like a fool,
Came in the game dropping bars shaking dead weight,
Stacking up my paper till all my fam straight

(Verse 2)

Im back once again with a brand new rap,
A brand new beat, with a all black hat.
Throw ya fist to the sky if you a Filipino
Dressed in all black cuz power to the people.
Finna rise up, fuck white supremacy,
Got these pale folks lookin thinking they all ahead of me.
Im preachin to my people but they dont know tho,
Im working everyday so my legacy immortal.
I do it for my city, i do it for the northwest,
Everybody rock fresh in the upper left.
Queen Anne nice view of mountain,
But aint nothin betta than the summer in the southend.
Cuz my brown people always keep it hood,
The Southend is dope and the food is hella good.
Always got the homies hoopin at the court tho,
Rappin everyday so my legacy immortal.
Track Name: Vibin' / Chillen
(Verse 1)

It go one two step, hop on the train,
Spit a few bars when they flow thru my brain.
It's a cloudy day, raining outside,
But I'm chill cuz i don't mind the cold,
It's a smooth ride, head to the southend.
Finna smoke one, get high like a mountain,
maybe watch TV, cartoon network,
Just chillen, but I never do homework.
Open up my rhyme book, jot down words,
this the Theomatic that yall never heard.
I'm back for round two with brand new rhymes,
But the same flow cuz I do it all the time.
When you see me, best believe I'm chill,
this beat is too nice bump it loud if you will.
Girl I like your style, the tapes that you rock.
I crave for dessert want the cake that you got.
I'm the, unfadable OG Mack!
'93 till infinity gotta bring it back.
Shit is on point, got good timing,
We chillen, now everybody vibin'

(Verse 2)

It's a quick rap gotta hit it with the 1 2,
I'm unfadable man I thought I told you.
A penny for ya thoughts cuz ya future lookin broke.
A dollar for ya dreams cuz ya life is a joke.
You gotta get ya shit together, my friend.
But once you on your feet you gotta run to the end.
Don't stop now, you gotta keep going.
If you getting tired, at least don't show it.
That's how you hustle, gotta put in work.
Reach for the sky if you start from the dirt.
Started from the bottom but I'm getting hella high,
never gon' drop, I'm in cloud 9.
When you hustle, you gotta relax too.
Gotta lay back, chill with the whole crew.
Conversate, or freestyle.
Share food, or be a clown.
We got smiles on our face when we all kickin' it.
Bump the song loud, cuz we all feelin' it. This new shit sounds hella nice.
Theomatic rhymes, gotta stay tight.
Don't it feel nice when everybody chillen,
When everybody happy, weed high laughing.
Eyes low, can you feel it?
I'm vibin', and I'm chillen.

(Hook 2x)

We vibin', and we chillen.
We vibin', and we chillen.
We vibin', and we chillen.
Got all the homies, and we chillen.
Track Name: Late
(Verse 1)

10 o clock, in the pm,
Was just with my homies it was good to fucking see them.
Headin home, its a mission,
Playin nasty nas, inflict the composition.
Yo its hella late, im getting hella tired,
But I gotta stay awake this ride gonna take a while,
City lights, flashin at night,
My girl to my side yo it make me feel alright,
She leans over, kiss on the shoulder,
Times are changing, im hella older.
Look out the window, I reminisce,
The old days when we were just kids,
Man its crazy, got time to reflect,
On all the good times bad times better yet,
We all got a chance, to start a brand new,
Set of memories in ya mind with you, yo its crazy.